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Being alone isn’t inherently a bad thing. It is how people choose to view being alone. It should be understood that being alone is merely an option that one can change at any point in their life. While this is true, many people fear to be alone or don’t enjoy being alone. This may translate to them as loneliness. However, loneliness and being alone are two separate concepts. Some people can even attest to feeling lonely when in a crowd. Being alone can have a negative stigma because some people view this as a non-voluntary lonely and quiet time in many cases.

There are several reasons why a person may have a negative outlook on being alone and harbour the fear of being alone. It could very well be due to a low level of confidence, childhood abandonment or even a bad break up that left them without a support system. Any fear can be overcome, especially the fear of being alone.

Accept Loneliness

The negative perceptions of being alone will begin to diminish once a person embraces being alone. Much of society touts at people being a social butterfly, having lots of friends and followers. Essentially, all of this is just numbers that don’t quite hold any bearing on one’s actual fulfilment. True fulfilment comes from within and having the outlets to do specific activities enjoyable to that person. It is okay to be alone so long as a person is engaging in activities and hobbies that foster their most authentic desires.

Stop Settling for Toxic Relationships

Some people perpetuate unhealthy relationships of codependency without being aware of it. To overcome fears of being alone, a person should aim to have a consistently stable and healthy relationship. Toxic relationships frequently do not last long or make a person feel even more lonely as the adversity in the relationship becomes more amplified.

Gratitude Attitude

Expressing gratitude for the time alone helps to overcome the fear of being alone. Remember that being alone is a choice. Studies show that gratitude makes for a stronger immune system, better health, boosted energy and less stress. People will also feel less isolated and lonely as a result of being appreciative of their moments alone.

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