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Lisamarie Bourke

About Lisamarie

Upon attending university to study Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s Studies, Lisamarie Bourke has always conveyed an interest in the inner workings of the human mind and the psychological reasoning behind our behavior.

Lisamarie currently resides in the United Kingdom with her beloved pooch, Coco. Moving from the hustle & bustle of London, she has rediscovered her love for nature. Lisamarie remains very active and loves paddle boarding, cycling, boxing, yoga, and cooking delicious, wholesome food. She loves spending as much time outdoors as she can, making exercise and a healthy lifestyle essential. Having a dog has changed her life and daily walks on the beach with Coco have been an absolute game-changer.


Lisamarie is a big fan of holistic practices, such as meditation and yoga, and the positive effects that they have on combatting mental health illnesses like depression. She has a deep passion for the human mind, attributing to her studies at university, and enjoys exploring new self-development practices from different countries and cultures.

Lisamarie Bourke dreams of making the world a kinder place to live. She is encouraged by the opportunity to learn about new ways in which she can do this. Throughout her studies and life experiences, Lisa has experienced highs and real lows and truly believes that change is possible for anyone. If we can change our state of mind and transform old habits and behaviours that are not serving us, anything is possible.

Throughout her youth, Lisamarie lead a fast-paced life. Facing traumatic times at various points in her life, she knew she had to make changes if she was to move forward. Given this ultimatum, Lisamarie Bourke set out on a path of self-development and rediscovered her love of psychology. During her travels, she made a point to learn new techniques to help guide her in her journey to try and live a happier and well-rounded lifestyle. Lisa was fortunate to experience several different retreats that gave her the tools needed to lead a less complicated and more mindful life. 

Lisamarie, through self-developmental courses, gained deep insights that she credits to giving her a second chance in life. A better understanding of the reasoning behind behaviours and actions has led to a healthier lifestyle for Lisamarie, both physically and spiritually. She has a strong belief that everyone given the tools can change their life around for the better.

Recently, Lisamarie Bourke has embarked on a course in hypnotherapy, training that she has continued to practice up to today. She recognizes the importance of self-development and utilizes the various techniques that she has practiced in her travels. A few of the self-development courses that she has participated in are the Hoffman Process, the Bridge, Anthony Robins, and Marrisa Peers Hypnotherapy – all of which have provided her such inspirational guidance and lifelong tools to help navigate life’s journey.

Lisamarie believes that everyone is capable of change so long as they have the tools, time, hope, and connection to do so. She hopes that one day there will be more courses accessible to everyone and would like to be a part of the movement and change in this field of self-development.

For more information about what Lisamarie is up to, her tips & tricks on health and fitness, wellbeing, and self-development, or some delicious vegan recipes, check back regularly on her blog!

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