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Since the earliest times of story-telling and song-writing, many artists have found themselves inspired by the simultaneous simplicity and complexity that nature offers. Nature’s landscapes can provide adventure seekers a seemingly unlimited number of escapades, but what many people overlook is the psychological benefits of immersing yourself into nature. For those looking to head into a new direction towards self-development, delving into nature is a great place to start. Take a walk on the beach, hike a mountain, or camp under the stars, and you will start to recognize these self-developmental benefits of nature.   


Cognitive Benefits

Research has shown that spending time in nature is an effective way to stimulate your mental muscles as much as your physical ones. Your mind requires cognitive exercise to reach its full potential, and in doing so, leading you towards further self-development. Spending time in nature also promotes creativity within your cognitive functions. 

Those who live creatively are more aware of the importance of introspection and enhancing themselves. Taking the time to experience the cognitive benefits of nature can provide the realization that you may be earning in your journey of self-development. 


Physical Benefits

Spending time in nature also promotes a healthier physical lifestyle. A healthy body is required to form a healthy mind as both entities go hand in hand. Your body can obtain the necessary vitamins for optimal health through a healthy diet of foods found in nature. Aside from the environmental benefits of a plant-heavy diet, the nutrients from those foods are a key ingredient to a healthier lifestyle, physically and mentally. 

Nature even offers benefits with no need for physical exertion. Natural sunlight offers the body with a healthy dose of Vitamin D – a nutrient essential for bone and muscle development. The trees and plants that are home to the underdeveloped areas of nature offer people fresh air to support respiratory health. All of the physical benefits of nature are geared to promote a healthier physical body, necessary for self-development.


Mental Health Benefits 

It can be difficult to find the desire and motivation to continue on the journey of self-development, especially when transitory mental illnesses set in. Depression, mood changes, anxiety, and other mental disabilities can be inimical to those who are set out to better themselves. They can construct creative thinking and cognitive development, making the end goal unappealing or unreachable. Spending time in nature has been directly correlated with a decreased level of depression and an increase in the mood of those who experience this frequently.


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