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Heartbreak is inevitable. It is one of those aspects of this imperfect life that we must face at some time. Yes, there are couples who have been together for what seems like forever, but even the perfect high school sweethearts can’t avoid it. Heartbreak doesn’t have to be between you and a partner. Sometimes heartbreak is felt after losing a family member, failing a test that you studied hours for, or even when your favorite sports team loses the championship game in the last moments. It is an indescribable pain that can be a factor of many things. 


However, heartbreak doesn’t have to be all bad. What may seem like the end of the world at one time in your life can be looked back on later to see the value of the lessons learned. One way to get through the heartbreak is to consider the positives that it offers, hard as that may be at the time.  


It reminds you to be self-sufficient 

When you enter a relationship or dependency on another person, you lose a bit of your own self-reliance. You suddenly are forced to think of someone other than yourself when you act, and your lives blend into each other. Heartbreak is a brutal reminder that you are your own person. When you are forced to be dependent on yourself, you can then work on strengthening your relationship with yourself. 


It brings you back to reality

Social media and Hallmark movie portrayals aside, romance is not a fairytale. At the beginning of a new relationship, everything seems perfect, until it’s not. Real relationships involve real emotions, some of which are not always the most pleasant. Heartbreak brings your head down from the clouds and reminds you that perfection is unrealistic in any relationship. Learning this will help guide you to a new, realistic, and healthy relationship next time around.  


It forces you to persist

As much as heartbreak hurts, it is not always the most empathic life event. Your boss won’t allow you to miss work because of a breakup. Your friends will sympathize but, eventually, will expect you to get over it. Unexpected heartbreaks will test your strength as an individual. You will have no choice but to move on, after an appropriate amount of grieving. When you do move on, you will find that there are over 7 billion people in the world, and you can almost guarantee that you will find love again. 


Heartbreak is different for everyone and will surface a rollercoaster of emotions with it. While it cannot be avoided, it can certainly be learned from and bring with it a positive outlook on an otherwise grim situation.

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