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Everyone has a past: some good and some that are better off forgotten. Some people may have done things that they’re ashamed of and wish they never did. The thing is, judging someone because they’ve made mistakes in the past isn’t always the right route to go.

But learning how not to judge someone isn’t as difficult as it seems, especially since everyone makes mistakes.

Read on to learn some of the best ways to turn the other cheek and not judge someone because of their past.

Some Things Better Left Unsaid

Many people who admit to their mistakes and take strides to live a better, more productive life, often fall victim to judgement. This can then lead to a vicious cycle of feeling less than worthy and not wanting to divulge the truth.

In some cases, some skeletons are better left in the closet, and people need to respect that. If they want to share it, then be prepared to listen to them. Not prying into personal affairs is actually how a person builds trust.

Practice Empathy

Another way not to judge someone because of their past is to practice empathy. Even though some might not relate to a person’s past, that doesn’t mean they can’t show compassion. Some people may confuse sympathy with understanding.

Sympathy is when someone shows remorse for a tragic event that another experienced. Empathy is when someone shows that they understand the other’s feelings and relate to them.

Sympathizing isn’t always the way to go as it can make it seem like they’re problems aren’t relevant. Keep this in mind the next time they share their past.

Listen and Engage When Necessary

Actively listening and participating in the conversation makes it easier for the other person to open up about their past. However, there is a fine line between listening and actively participating.

People must show that they’re listening and following along by asking the right questions. And if warranted, advise on how to handle the situation better. Please do not give a personal bias and solutions unless they ask for it.

Although we may have our fair share of problems, so does everyone else. Like us, they need to be heard and not be judged. Remember that making a mistake is part of being human.

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