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Bereavement is a word that carries a lot of emotion. The loss of someone you love is not something that can ever be properly prepared for and can be some of the strongest pain you will face in your life. The beauty of life is that we are surrounded by people who we get to love, but unfortunately, no one lives forever. The most important thing to remember when handling bereavement is that it is okay not to be okay. 

No matter how strong you are, dealing with bereavement is a difficult task, but it is one that you will get through. The length of bereavement is different for every situation and every person, but it is not permanent. In the moment, people will find their own ways to cope with grief, sometimes taking on common pieces of advice


Go easy on yourself

Accept the fact that you will not be your normal self at times. A major change has happened in your life and it may affect your character at times. Grief is emotionally and physically exhausting. Give yourself a break and any time that you need to handle it. 


Speak to a professional 

There are people whose job it is to listen and help others deal with loss. There is nothing wrong with wanting to speak to a stranger rather than someone close to you. Sometimes it is easiest to tell a therapist your feelings so that they can provide unbiased and professional help. This will help you to truly experience your feelings. 


Surround yourself with loved ones

Misery does love company, and being with others who are also grieving can provide a sense of comfort and understanding. However, it can also help to use some of that time with friends or family to focus on happy things. Remember the happy times you shared with your loved one and laugh when you feel like laughing. Lean on those around you – no one said you have to do this alone. 


Express your feelings

Find an outlet that works for you and let your feelings out. Some find comfort in writing their feelings in a journal or a note. Others grieve by cooking, crafting, or finding a hobby to take their mind off of the sadness, even if just temporarily. Find something that you truly enjoy and devote time to it.  


There is no secret weapon for defeating grief. It is an inevitable part of life to experience, but it is not permanent. Remember that grief comes from love, which is what life is all about.