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The gut is one of the more sensitive organs in our bodies, heavily influenced by our diet and external factors. Almost 40% of people have reported experiencing digestive symptoms like heartburn, acid reflux, or upset stomach – many on more than one occasion. Over-the-counter relief is available to prevent and soothe symptoms, but without proper changes, the symptoms will likely persist over time. Luckily, there are a number of natural remedies that can improve your gut health. 


Refresh your grocery list

Fresh foods are healthier, in many ways, than processed foods. One of the biggest motivators to add fresher foods to your diet is to avoid the added preservatives that prepacked foods contain to stay looking ‘fresh’. Making your own food with fresh ingredients will not only benefit your gut but could boost your culinary resume. 


Stop stressing

It is easier said than done in anyone’s hectic life, but stress is a huge contributor to several health problems. In fact, there are several stress triggers hidden throughout the daily rituals that you may not even notice are affecting you. Stress typically leads to unhealthy habits like skipping meals, eating junk food, smoking, or drinking. Being cautious of different stressors in your life will help you to prepare for them and come up with ways to destress when they flare-up. 


Join a gym

You’ve been told time and time again that regular exercise has innumerable benefits for your body – and your gut is no exception to this. You don’t need to necessarily join a gym to reap the benefits of physical exercise. Opting to take the stairs over an elevator, walking to your destination if feasible, or even just light workouts at home are a great place to start to notice a change in your overall health. 


Drink your veggies

Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals that your digestive system craves for proper functionality. Many people don’t like every vegetable, and even fewer get the recommended serving size each day. An easy and delicious way to counteract this is to drink your vegetables in a smoothie. Using honey, fruit, or other natural sweeteners is a good way to mask the taste of vegetables, and they can be taken to-go for any commute. 


Watch what you eat

This may seem like the most obvious, but many people ignore this tip. There are several foods that cause reactions to people’s digestive systems like dairy, wheat and gluten, and certain spices. You may not notice that you have an intolerance to these foods unless you monitor your daily food intake. Being cautious of the types of foods that you regularly eat can aid you in determining if your diet is cause for your gut discomfort.


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