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In a perfect world, no one would ever make mistakes. We would all say the right things at the right times, make the right choice when given an option, and do the right things without putting much thought into it. However, in a perfect world where mistakes are not made, we would also never learn valuable lessons. Certainly, mistakes are difficult to cope with and can often be uncomfortable, but a change of perspective can help you to see the silver lining in a blunder. 


Acknowledge the mistake

The first step in growing from your mistakes is to acknowledge the mistake that was made. You cannot expect to learn from a mess-up if you do not accept that one was made. A humbling and beneficial thing to do is to accept the responsibility and your role in the mistake, rather than blaming others. 


Prepare for future mistakes

Knowing that mistakes are human and are unavoidable at times, try to anticipate future mistakes before they happen. This will prepare you for any obstacles that come along in the journey to your goals, and allow you to anticipate how you will overcome them. Being aware of potential mistakes will also make it so that they do not throw you off course when they are made, encouraging yourself to continue to pursue your goals. 


Reflect on mistakes

To help guide you to growth after a mistake, it is wise to look back on what went wrong and analyze the details. Ask yourself questions like “what role did I play in the mistake” or “how can I avoid this in the future?” Answering these questions out loud will compel you to acknowledge your influence in the mistakes, guiding you to learn from them. 


Remember that life goes on

No matter how dark the day might see, the light will come again. Just the same, when you hit rock bottom, the only way you can go is up. Time is temporary and will continue, and harping on the past will not change what happened. Take the appropriate time to acknowledge the mistake, analyze how it happened, and prepare for it to happen again. 

However, in the meantime, time continues to move forward and life goes on. You can choose to let the past upset you, or you can make the most of your time and make plans to be better in the future.

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