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Traumatic events can happen in a moment’s notice or they can be the long-awaited result of a predetermined fate. Events like death, sickness, accidents, or becoming a victim of abuse can lead to physical and emotional damage. These events are typically out of our control, but still can carry a heavy impact long after they have happened and any scars have healed. traumatic instances can lead a victim to develop psychological issues, relationship problems, and anguish. 

Although we cannot always prepare for or control the events that we encounter in life, we can choose how to react and grow from them. Emotional and physical trauma, while unpleasant and unfair to have to face, can foster an opportunity for personal growth


Strengthened empathy

Every traumatic experience is unique, but the sad truth remains that trauma is not uncommon. One positive growth factor that victims of trauma can experience after the event is a heightened sense of empathy towards others. Furthermore, going through a traumatic event with others tends to leave the individuals with a strengthened bond and understanding for each other. An unfortunate event can lead to personal growth with healthier relationships.


Spiritual and intellectual awakening

In the face of danger or trauma, individuals often turn to a higher power for help and understanding. Experiencing devastation may force someone to lean on others or to find answers and guidance in another source. Often times, victims of distress form a deeper spiritual bond or even develop a sense of a need to change their lives. It can take an upsetting event for a person to realize personal change is necessary to move on. 


New zest for life 

Once someone makes it through a traumatic experience, they can consider themselves survivors. If the event is a matter of life and death, one might find themselves developing a new appreciation of the life that they live. They may want to make changes to live a healthier or more fulfilling life. This can encourage an individual to grow from this trauma – find beauty in everyday life and acknowledge the lessons that it can provide. 

Furthermore, a new appreciation for life can lead to the realization of how short and unpredictable it can be. Those who experience this lesson first-hand often are awakened to the idea that life should be worth living. Rather than being stuck in a mundane routine that they do not like, victims of trauma often are open to new possibilities. 


No matter the trauma, how big or small, personal growth is possible for those who seek it.