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Yoga and meditation are calming and challenging practices that carry immense physical and mental health benefits. Whether you are new to the experience or have been practicing for years, there is a style of meditation for everyone. Fortunately, meditation is a sport that can be practiced daily. 


Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation is far more advantageous than many people realize. Aside from relaxing a person’s mind, meditation can reduce pain and prevent future stress. There are many ways to meditate, and the many methods don’t all involve a person needing one hour of devoted time. The method, or methods, that a person chooses should be based on their specific needs and what they feel comfortable with. Each method also offers its own set of advantages over other methods.


Standing Meditation

Many people imagine sitting down when they think of meditation. However, meditating while standing is a great way for someone to promote blood flow and reduce any back pain that they may be feeling. Since the purpose of standing meditation is to reduce tension in the body, a person’s stance should be as comfortable as possible for them when they are standing.


Walking Meditation

Walking meditation involves walking in a slow and continuous pattern. As a person walks, they will want to pay attention to any tension that they feel in their body. By using good breathing and posture practices, a person will begin to release stress within their body as they walk.


Dance Meditation

Dance meditation is a great way to release stress without having to focus so much on the stress. Also known as kundalini meditation, dance meditation requires that a person loosens their body and moves along with their chosen background music. There are many ways to perform dance meditation, such as yelling or making noises while dancing.


Gazing Meditation

Gazing meditation can be done while sitting or standing. A person will want to focus their eyes and attention on a single fixed object. As a person becomes more comfortable they can choose to perform gazing meditation indoors, outdoors, or for longer time frames.


Breathing Meditation

Breathing meditation can be one of the most calming forms of meditation for some people. Breathing meditation requires that a person focuses on their individual inhales and exhales. A person can then control the length of their breaths, varying each breath based on how they feel. According to Dr. Jeffrey Rubin, longer inhales can provide more energy while longer exhales can create more relaxation for a person.

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