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Autumn is nearly over, and colder weather has begun to set in. With the holidays quickly approaching, I love this time of year for so many reasons. For one, I like to take this time to try some new, warm, vegan recipes, as well as perfect my favourites. All I need to enjoy scrummy homestyle cooking is my AGA oven cookbook and a nice glass of red wine.


Vegan Chili

This recipe may call for a long list of ingredients, but it is fairly simple to make. With so many different spices and seasonings, this meal is full of flavour and depth. Even better, it freezes and reheats well, so a large batch can last all winter long! 


Roasted Vegetable Risotto

I love cooking with wine and tasting the flavour really comes to life when it is mixed with the right ingredients. This meal is also versatile in that you can substitute any vegetables for a different based on your preference. 


Tomato and Butternut Squash Soup

This recipe already substitutes milk with coconut milk, making it the perfect vegan-friendly ‘creamy’ soup. This dish is great alone or with some bread to dip into it for an extra complimentary taste and texture. 


Sesame Soba Noodles

This delicious meal can be done all on the stovetop and only takes minutes to make. You can also substitute the soba noodle for a healthier alternative like a whole wheat option. I like to throw some sesame seeds on top for a more authentic presentation and taste. 


Tomato Stuffed Peppers

A vegan twist on a hearty classic – tomatoes, olives, and garlic take the place of the usual meat stuffing for the filler of these peppers. Roasting the vegetables together inside of the peppers allows for the flavours to blend together. 


Vegan Burgers

These burgers are not only packed with spices and flavour, but they are fun to make and add a touch of a homemade element to your dinner. The lentils provide for a meaty consistency and flavour, while the condiments and add-ons allow you to personalize your burger. Instead of a grill this winter, try cooking these on the stovetop on a nice cast iron pan.  

Blueberry Muffins

Sweets are my guilty pleasure, and it can be difficult to find a sweet treat that is totally vegan. Luckily, there are substitutes like almond and soy milk that make a dessert taste as good as it’s non-vegan counterpart. These blueberry muffins can also double as a breakfast treat as well.

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