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Analytical research studies have shown the multiple benefits of diversity among team members in a variety of settings. Classroom settings, workplace environments, and local communities experience growth and prosperity when they embrace the cultural differences and diverse personality types within their group.


Independent Thought

People implement their personal problem solving techniques when they encounter an unexpected challenge. These same analytics may be applied to advanced mathematical equations or dating dilemmas. Individuals generally rely on their learned behaviors and combined experiences to solve virtually any type of problem. As a result, most people tend to rely on the same problem solving methods to resolve basically any challenge. 

This approach may be effective on many occasions, but is similar to having a toolbox that only contains a single hammer. The most useful tool boxes contain lots of tools to be used for a variety of repairs. When human beings work together to solve problems, they are organized like a well stocked tool box.


Relational Collaboration

When individuals bring their experiences, talents, and methods together, they are able to work together for change. Relationship management is a key tool in collaboration among peers of any nature. As individuals meet toward a common goal, something unique and highly productive inevitably happens. 

People bring their own unique thoughts and behaviors into a group setting and instinctively begin to observe the thoughts and behaviors of others. This sharing and natural cooperation results in new ideas. As new mindsets are formed, solutions to collective problems become readily available.


Mutual Growth

Collective problem-solving stems from changing viewpoints. This collaborative mindset is effective in organizational settings. People are able to view a situation from the viewpoints of many others, thereby expanding their own understanding. While it is not necessary to release long held convictions, individuals greatly benefit from expanding their viewpoints to include multiple perspectives. 

Open mindedness is one of the greatest attributes of any leader. The head of a family and the head of a corporation have much in common. They are required to identify and develop the talents of those who follow them. The most effective way to lead people successfully is to introduce them to external viewpoints. This technique provides room for efficient problem solving techniques and mutual growth.


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