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Lisamarie Bourke resides on the Dorset Coast in southern England with her beloved Cockapoo, Coco. She has a real passion for travel, music, food, and well-being. She loves adventure and immersing herself in different cultures through traveling. 


In her early career, Lisamarie traveled extensively and worked as a model, tv presenter, and makeup artist. Growing up, Lisamarie took an interest in social inequalities and went on to study psychology, sociology, and women’s studies in university. She has now returned to her true passions of self-development and the study of the human mind. Lisa still holds an interest in all of these subjects and enjoys any opportunity to continue her education and practice in these fields. 


After living a fast-paced lifestyle early in her career, Lisamarie has embarked on a journey of self-development through world-wide variations and practices, including hypnotherapy. She relies on her passion for a healthy lifestyle to keep herself on track on this journey.


Lisa truly believes that anyone can be helped and put on the right path with perseverance and access to the right self-development tools. Lisamarie has a huge passion now sourcing new approaches and practices that can help in such a demanding and pressurised society.


Lisamarie Bourke believes that there are too many people in the world who do not have a voice and that there is too large of a gap in social equality. She wishes to spread awareness and to continue her education and practices on these subjects.  


A word from Lisa

I really do look forward to sharing with you many of the tools that have helped me overcome huge obstacles in my life today, thus leading me to improve the person that I am.

Mental health is a journey a very different journey for each of us.

I do believe however that there are tools out there that are of the utmost help and, if practiced and incorporated into daily life, can bring peace of mind.

Nothing is a quick fix and everything does require work determination and perseverance – but there is hope for everyone out there.

I, too, am on a journey with continuous lumps and bumps but maintaining the importance of daily tools is of the utmost importance for me and my well being.

I hope that I can bring something to you that may help in some shape or form. 

I look forward to sharing!  

Love always, 

Lisamarie xxx

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